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The CPMR celebrated it's 50th anniversary during its General Assembly in Saint-Malo, France on November 2023.

Explore the event's photos and archives below

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CPMR's 51st General Assembly, 15-17 November 2023

Loïg Chesnais-Girard​

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"Every 10 years, the CPMR returns to its roots: founded in 1973 in Saint-Malo, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Our fight for territorial cohesion and accessibility in Europe is therefore not a new one, but it remains more current than ever. Brittany is proud to welcome our friends from Europe's peripheral and maritime Regions.


We look forward to welcoming you."


Gunn Marit Helgesen

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“For the past 50 years, our association has been calling for a forward-looking vision for the European project, in which peripheral maritime regions play a meaningful role. Many are the challenges ahead, but we believe more than ever that a strong Europe is indispensable to face today’s internal and external challenges.

By acting together and fostering cooperation among our territories, we will achieve substantial improvements for our Regions and for Europe."

Eleni Marianou

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“The renewal of the European institutions in 2024 constitutes a golden opportunity to consolidate our 50-year-old organisation and succeed in placing regions at the heart of the future of Europe.


Cooperation at all levels of power is crucial, and it is the responsibility of the European Institutions and the Member States to honour this cooperation and provide adequate frameworks via partnerships with regions and structured dialogues as we move forward.”

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