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The CPMR celebrated it's 50th anniversary during its General Assembly in Saint-Malo, France on November 2023.

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50 years, 1 message: Territories Matter

Guided by the conviction that “all Territories Matter”, regional leaders from the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) have conveyed crucial messages in a manifesto to the upcoming European institutions adopted in Saint-Malo during the celebration of the association’s 50 years. The underlaying intention is the imperative need for a more impactful European project that aligns with a strategic vision, upholds democratic values, and thrives on principles of solidarity and constructive debate.


This week, members of the CPMR returned to where it all began to commemorate the establishment of the Association in Saint-Malo in 1973. More than 300 participants, including former CPMR Presidents, Members of the European Parliament, officials from the European Commission, and guests from Europe and Brittany, gathered for the occasion. As part of the celebrations to mark its 50th anniversary, Friends of the CPMR sent video greetings, reminiscing about pivotal moments in the association’s history and emphasising its significance in both the European and regional scopes.

The meeting of the governing body of the CPMR – Political Bureau – provided the framework for the election of the new President of the CPMR: President of Brittany Region Loïg Chesnais-Girard will be steering the association for the next mandate. “Six months before the next European elections, I want the CPMR to play a leading role in shaping Europe’s future” he said, after thanking former President Cees Loggen and Acting President Gunn Marit Helgesen.

For the past year, members of the CPMR have been working on a political manifesto celebrating Regions and calling for a new generation of European policies within a reformed European Union that really works for its citizens and its territories, with a particular focus on the Peripheral Maritime Regions whose unique geographical characteristics make them predominantly susceptible to current socio-economic and environmental challenges.

Regions are dedicated to answer the needs of their citizens. But peripheral maritime Regions have to overcome greater difficulties and obstacles to do so. We will always be the active relay on the ground for the European project and policies. We are the ones who get things done. If Europe really wants to tackle the challenges ahead, an ambitious investment policy is required. That is why we advocate for a new generation of EU policies, with cohesion policy at its core, rooted in the principles of subsidiarity and multilevel governance, with adequate budgetary resources.” stated President Chesnais-Girard.

In its appeal to the European institutions, the CPMR emphasises that unlocking the complete potential and capabilities of regions would enhance the EU’s effectiveness in addressing socio-economic disparities, inequalities, and discrimination within its territories. This approach would also better address their unique climate vulnerabilities, attract or retain talent, and empower citizens to actively participate in the green and digital transitions.

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